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Hero Guide: Juggernaut

Juggernaut is one of my favorite mid-game carries. He's effective early game, farms pretty easily, and has a fairly versatile skill set.



  • Above average move speed (305)
  • His Stats don't stand out in any particular way
  • Decent Base Attack Speed (BAT) of 1.6
  • Some natural survivability due to spells


  • (Q) Blade Fury
    • Traits
      • 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 Magic Damage per Second
        • Total damage = 400 / 500 / 600 / 700 
        • But remember, heroes have a natural 25% Magic Resistance
      • Lasts 5 seconds
      • Radius of 250
      • 100 Mana Cost
      • 30 / 28 / 26 / 24 second Cooldown
      • Grants Juggernaut Magic Immunity for the Duration
    • Notes
      • Able to use items while spinning
      • Does not affect Mechanical Units (i.e. Catapult/Siege)
      • If unit is unaffected by Blade Fury, Juggernaut can auto-attack them while spinning
      • Your base mana pool is only 182, so you'll have to regen a bit before spinning again
    • Uses
      • Most commonly used for getting First Blood by pairing Juggernaut with a hero that can stun/slow like Venomancer, Crystal Maiden, Dazzle, etc.
      • You can use Blade Fury and use a TP Scroll to get out of most bad situations
      • Late game, this is mostly used for Magic Immunity because you can DPS more with your auto attacks
      • This cannot necessarily be seen as a "replacement" for getting Black King Bar (BKB), because you cannot auto attack while using Blade Fury
  • (W) Healing Ward
    • Traits
      • Heals 2% / 3% / 4% / 5% of Max HP per Second
      • Lasts 25 Seconds
      • Radius of 500 (cast range of 350)
      • Movespeed of 300
      • Costs 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 Mana
      • 60 Second Cooldown
    • Notes
      • Only heals non-mechanical units
      • Can only be affected by 1 ward at a time
      • Has 1 HP and can be killed
      • Pugna's Decrepify works on it 
      • Persists after Juggernaut dies
    • Uses 
      • Great for pushing because it helps your creeps tank towers
      • Extremely effective in team fights if you can position it well
      • Can help your team live after you die
      • Scouting dangerous areas
      • Healing up between pushes, fights, or while farming
  • Blade Dance
    • Traits
      • 15% / 20% / 25% / 35% chance to deal 2x damage
      • Passive Skill
    • Notes
      • Can trigger during Omnislash (given a high enough attack speed)
      • Is an "On-Attack" modifier (not Unique Attack Modifier)
      • Level 3 -> 4 has a 10% increase (as opposed to 5% at other levels)
    • Uses
      • Many people build a Battlefury and Blade Dance synergizes with that by splashing the critical strike.
      • Farming / increasing effective DPS
  • (R) Omnislash
    • Traits
      • 175-250 Physical Damage per Slash
      • 3 / 6 / 9 Slashes (maximum)
        • Aghanim's Upgrade: 6 / 9 / 12
      • 450 Range with a 425 Jump Radius
      • Costs 200 / 275 / 300 Mana
      • Has a 130 / 120 / 110 Cooldown
        • Aghanim's Upgrade: 110 / 100 / 90
    • Notes
      • First slash mini-stuns the target
      • 0.4 second interval between slashes
      • Juggernaut can attack during slashes (with high attack speed), which will also trigger on-attack modifiers (e.g. his crit), and place debuffs (e.g. Skadi, Desolator, etc.)
      • The slashes themselves are not evade-able
      • You can use items during omnislash
      • Provides a buff making Juggernaut invulnerable after the first slash
      • Gains 200 Flying Vision for the Duration
      • Can end prematurely if the only target nearby becomes Physical Damage Immune, Force Staffs Away, goes invisible (and no detection) etc.
      • Non-Player-Owned creeps (and neutrals, but not Ancients) die in one slash
    • Uses
      • Survivability
      • Right before/after a Naga Siren Ult (can't be slept if you're immune, likewise, cannot be Wombo Combo'd if you're immune)
      • Killing targets that are separated (e.g. 1-2 targets running through your jungle, but not close to any creeps)
      • Staying in a fight at low health
      • Stopping a channeling spell with the mini-stun on the first slash




  • Route 1
    • Tangos
    • Salve
    • 2 x Clarity
    • 3 x Iron Branch
  • Route 2
    • Tangos
    • Salve
    • 2 x Slippers of Agility
    • Clarity Potions or Iron Branches
  • Route 3
    • Quelling Blade
    • Stout Shield
    • Tangos / Salve
  • Noob Route 
    • Boots
    • Tangos / Salve
Route 1 gives you items that will allow you to Spin a few times in lane (clarities), build a Magic Wand, skip the Poor Man's Shield and go straight into a Core Item.

Route 2 helps you last hit better using your Slippers of Agility and build them into a Poor Man's Shield for survivability.

Route 3 is for heavy harassment where you'll need to block incoming damage and use the Quelling Blade to ensure you get last hits.

The Noob Route gives you no stats, little regen, but will almost always guarantee a First Blood if paired with the right lane mate. However, given Juggernaut's early speed advantage, if you can click well, you shouldn't need boots to stay on your target. Plus, at level 1, spin effectively does 300 Damage (due to 25% Hero Magic Resistance).

Early Game

  • Route 1
    • Ring of Health (for early Bfury)
    • Boots of Speed
  • Route 2 
    • Boots of Speed
    • Poor Man's Shield
  • Route 3 (bad farm)
    • Phase Boots / Power Treads
    • Magic Wand
    • (Poor Man's Shield)
    • (Soul Ring)
Route 1 is for getting an early Battlefury. You really only need Boots of Speed early game because it's not insanely difficult to pull off your spin. Getting a fast Battlefury (i.e. < 20 minutes, definitely < 25 mins, otherwise it's not worth it) allows you to farm up fast, help push lanes, or fend off pushes.

Route 2 is a bit more conservative. Poor Man's Shield helps deflect some damage. From there, you can go straight for your Battlefury.

Route 3 is if you're having a rough time farming. You'll need to focus on smaller items and slowly build up. If you're facing this situation, you're most likely not going to want to get a Battlefury because you won't be able to get it early enough for it to be useful (i.e. before 25 minutes or so).


  • Most Games
    • Battlefury - early game farming, good regen and DPS for the price
    • Phase Boots - Helps with farming (moving between camps quickly), chasing/spinning
    • Magic Wand - Always good
    • Manta Style - Survivability, pushing, and farming (use your illusions to farm the small camp of creeps)


  • Aghanim's Scepter - you only want this in very select scenarios
    • They have a Naga Siren: this will allow you more jumps so if you get it off before Naga ult, you won't be affected longer, or using it right after Naga Ult to get out of a Wombo Combo
    • You're almost never fighting around creeps
  • Desolator - works during your Omnislash, helps push towers, farm faster, and increases DPS
  • BKB - Your Blade Fury isn't that great during a late game battle. So you might need Magic Immunity that allows you to auto attack
  • Vladamir's Offering - Mid/Late Game item for staying alive during fights and pushing
  • Butterfly - Carry item that allows you to evade attacks (note: you'll still be a target, but have more effective HP)
  • Assault Curiass - Pushing, DPS, and teamfight
  • Soul Ring - if you're not going for Battlefury, this can be a decent pick up so you have the regen to kill stacks of creeps using your Spin
  • Other
    • Heaven's Halbard / Abyssal Blade - when outclassed by a harder carry in late game
    • Orchid - attack speed and mana regen, with a silence that can be helpful in some games
    • Heart - survivability
    • Satanic - survivability
    • MKB - against Riki (who can use smoke) or a hero with high evasion
    • Boots of Travel - good for late game so you can help push/backdoor, or just free up a slot from TPs


There are two general builds:
  • Build 1
    • Spin
    • Stats
    • Spin
    • Stats
    • Spin
    • Ult
  • Build 2
    • Spin
    • Crit
    • Spin
    • Crit
    • Spin
    • Ult
Early game, Spin is your DPS and source of kills, an escape, etc. It should be maxed first (unless you have some very situational strategy like an all in push harnessing the Healing Ward).

In Build 1, you're allowing yourself to have more Mana, which gives you the option of Ulting, then Spinning.

In Build 2, you're kind of saying "Meh, screw it", and going for maximizing your damage early.


You're an aggressive mid-game carry. You want to play offensively early game because that's when your spin is most effective. The Spin is the one thing Juggernaut has over other carries: an early source of DPS.

Ideally, you want to be paired with a Support that can Slow or Stun. Some of the best are: Crystal Maiden (plus, her aura is great for you), Venomancer (Venomous Gail owns), Dazzle (has a slow and heal that allows for even more aggressive play), Ancient Apparition/Pugna (have slows that also increase Magic Damage taken).

  • Get a firm grasp on when to "man-up" and go into a fight with low HP by using your Ult or Spin
  • Stack Neutral Creeps and spin on them to farm your Battlefury earlier
  • Start Spinning before using Phase Boots (doing it the other way around dispells the Phase Boots buff because you casted)
  • Healing Ward is excellent during team fights, pushes, and farming. It heals your team incredibly fast, lasts 25 seconds, and is mobile
  • Once you're level 6, you can farm the jungle or hunt the opposing jungle safely because of your Ult. It's very hard to contest the jungle against a Juggernaut (similar to Luna)
  • Don't ult with creeps around. I mean, you kill them in 1 hit, but you also waste an Omnislash
  • Omnislash is versatile. 
    • You can use it at the start of a fight to scatter your enemy and pick them off
    • You can wait until you're low HP and use it because then you dish out your auto attack damage but also have a better chance to escape because the enemy loses track of you while you're ulting
    • You can bait a lot of heroes to fight you when you're low HP, but have the Mana to Ult
  • You can use items while you're Spinning & Ulting
  • Late game, you'll generally be outclassed by harder carries, so end the game earlier if you're the sole carry of the team
  • Always carry TPs. You can easily stop a gank or help a gank because of your high impact early/mid game (due to your spells)

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