Thursday, September 27, 2012

Comparison: Radiant vs. Dire Side Advantages

The Pro Match Stats are out there, and we can see that the win-rate is about 50-50 (some say Dire has a slight advantage). What I want to take a look at is the Advantages of each side.


  • Mid Lane can pull creeps
  • Potential Psychological Benefits
    • Some maintain that it's more natural to view the map from Radiant side
      • Move Left to Right
      • Progress from Bottom to Top
    • You are the "good guys"
  • Safe Lane has a ward spot that can watch the rune and prevent ganks
  • Able to get to Ancients faster from the Mid lane (and/or stack them)
  • Dire's Hard Lane feels more "cut off" 
  • Some say the Radiant Jungle is "safer"


  • Hard Lane can stack ancients more easily
  • Roshan's Pit is more accessible
  • "Magic Bush" ward can block 2 of Radiant's spawns 
  • Easier to pull creeps in the safe lane
  • Able to pull a second set of creeps in the safe lane by cutting down a tree (left-most neutral spawn)
  • Radiant Jungle is more "open" and easy to ward
  • Dire Jungle has a better flow to it (Radiant Jungle has 2 camps that are cut off)
  • Hero colors can be more difficult to see on mini-map (due to all being darker colors)
  • Less likely to misclick the mini-map and retreat in the wrong direction
  • Dire might have a slight advantage due to perspective (Radiant is drawn "closer to the screen" making them easier to click on)

That's what I can come up with now, but I'll add in anything else I think of and take suggestions.

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