Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Theory Crafting: Spectre

The current main method is:
  • Focus on leveling Dagger + Dispersion
  • Get Ult whenever possible
  • Boots + Vanguard
  • Use Dispersion + Vanguard to AFK Farm Jungle & Lane
  • Radiance
  • Power Treads
  • Diffusal Blade
  • Manta Style, BKB or whatever you want
General Strategy:
  • Ult for teamfights, use Reality to TP to the fight and get as many kills as possible to farm up your core items
  • When the game hits about 40 minutes, you're basically going to win (if you haven't been getting stomped too hard / you're not playing stupid)
The major problem is that Spectre needs an eternity to farm up, is very boring to play, and isn't super useful until lategame.

I've been experimenting a bit (not enough to know whether it's effective or not yet) with a ganking build:
  • Max Dagger + Desolate (and Ult) first
  • REMINDER: Desolate does 20/30/40/50 PURE damage when no allied heroes are within 325 radius of target enemy hero. Pure damage ignores Armor (i.e. deals exactly that amount of bonus damage, almost like HP removal)
  • Phase Boots
  • Soul Ring (if needed because it helps for Mana and if you're ganking, you should be getting kills making the HP loss negligible)
  • In theory you could go Mask of Madness early on to maximize the hits you get in on them
  • Diffusal Blade
  • Smoke (for ganking)
  • Could also go Orchid later for the Silence, Attack Speed, and Mana Regen (however, those things don't carry over to your Illusions)
  • Could go Rod of Atos because mana is good, HP is good, and 50% move slow is awesome (if your enemies don't have many blinks)
  • Go around ganking using Dagger and the bonus damage to get early kills
  • Dagger + Phase to catch (doing it the other way around will cancel Phase)
  • Diffusal and Phase add to your chase capability
  • Get early kills and then farm up whatever late game items you find most useful (e.g. Radiance, BKB, Manta, MKB, AC)
  • Need an aggressive lineup (if not, due to not leveling Dispersion, Spectre is very squishy)
  • Need good ganker lanes
Useful allies:
  • Purist would be very useful with this strategy due to the heal, his AoE passive slow, and his shield. Basically, his whole kit is great to support this build.
  • Potentially Undying (not sure if Illusions count for Soul Rip, but his slow is useful, plus Tombstone & Spectre's illusions make for a confusing as fuck team fight as long as Earthshaker is not on the enemy team)

A lot of it comes down to what you want to focus on:
  • The Hero
  • The Ult

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